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Dystopia is the 15th studio album by Megadeth, released on January 22nd 2016. Check out the Dystopia album page now for videos, songs, lyrics and grab your copy now.

Exclusive The making of Dystopia’s Album Cover

Brent Elliott White: Exclusive Interview

Brent Elliott White: Exclusive Interview

We sat Megadeth album cover artist & creator of Dystopia’s celebrated cover art, Mr. Brent Elliott White down to answer some candid questions about himself, his work on Dystopia and some quick-fire questions to finish off:

Journey to Dystopia

dystopia pre-release article
We put together a huge article that counted down to the release of the band’s 15th studio album, Dystopia. Spanning months of the project’s development, the Dystopia article will give you a great insight into the various events that shaped the making of this incredible new album.


UK Megadeth is the official, unofficial home of Megadeth in the UK. It features song lyrics & audio, info on the band’s releases, photos, videos and updates from the band, plus the latest news and media from around the Megadeth scene. Check out some of our favourite sections below:

'High Speed Dirt' (Live) from the album 'Countdown To Extinction' (1992) more →

The Music

The music spans three decades and this site features the band’s collection of many and varied studio albums, live albums and compilation albums listed, with song lyrics, audio, video and info on every one.

The History of Megadeth

The history of Megadeth
The history covers more than 30 years and we’ve created a timeline for fans, newcomers and researchers to experience the twists and turns in their epic, evolving tale in The History archives.

The Band

the band
The band has changed a lot throughout the years. One thing has remained constant: Their incredible artistry. Check out all the different line-ups that have crafted the Megadeth sound in the Band archives.

The Media

fatal illusion
With a whole host of Videos, Photos and Social & Fan Platforms to keep you entertained. UK Megadeth offers plenty of ways to get up-close and personal with one of the world’s greatest metal bands.

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