Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good!

30th Anniversary of ‘Killing Is My Business…’

Today (June 12th 2015) marks the 30th anniversary of Megadeth’s debut studio album, ‘Killing Is My Business.. And Business Is Good!‘ (affectionately known as Killing Is My Business…). The now legendary recording was released on 12th June 1985, sparking a revolution in Heavy Metal music.

<Update>: To mark the occasion, VH1 posted the 10 Greatest Thrash Metal Debuts Of All Time and gave us this video of the title track from Killing Is My Business…:

In one of rock’s great revenge stories, Dave Mustaine conceived Megadeth on a Greyhound bus from New York to California in 1983 after James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Cliff Burton booted him out of Metallica for substance abuse issues (yes, just imagine those guys, at that point, saying you’ve got a problem).

“After getting fired from Metallica,” Mustaine said, “all I remember is that I wanted blood: theirs. I wanted to be faster and heavier than them.”

Source: VH1


This is a special day for Megadeth and its fans all over the world, marking a truly amazing milestone in the history of the band & Thrash Metal music. 30 years on from Killing Is My Business… and Megadeth are currently back in the studio putting the finishing touches to their #Megadeth15, their 15th Studio Album.

About Killing Is My Business…:

Killing Is My Business… was a low-budget recording on an independent label that initially failed to achieve commercial success. In fact, the album barely made it into existence after the band’s producer wasted half their recording budget on drink & drugs. Read More →