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Cookies on UK Megadeth

To make our website work more personally and to enable services such as e-commerce and customer support, as well as provide us with statistical data and marketing information, we set cookies. There are a variety of different cookies that we use to make your UK Megadeth experience better:

1.    Strictly necessary cookies:

o   These cookies are essential for the user to move around the website and to use its features, e.g. shopping cart and e-commerce.

2.    Performance cookies:

o   These cookies collect information about how the user makes use of the site, e.g. which pages the user visits most.

o   These cookies do not collect information that identifies the user.

3.    Functionality cookies:

o   These cookies remember choices made by the user and enhance the features, e.g. language or users location.

o   This cookie is also used to remember a user’s preferences for a font size, or customisable parts of a web page.

4.    Targeting or advertising cookies:

o   These cookies collect information about the users’ browsing habits.

o   This may also include links to social media sites, e.g. Facebook, etc.

Use of our website implies acceptance of cookies and when you arrive, cookies are typically set, so that you can get the very best experience possible from your use of UK Megadeth.

You can delete cookies from our website at any time by clearing them from your web browser. To reinstate them, simply return to our website and the cookies will be re-downloaded.

You can also choose to block cookies via your web browser so that our cookies are never downloaded to your computer. This will impact on the services we are able to offer you and may mean you lose access to interactive, e-commerce and support services whilst this setting is enabled.


Document created: August 14th 2013

Modified: June 30th 2015.