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Dystopia (#Megadeth15) | Pre-release Article

Dystopia is due for release on 22nd Jan 2015. The first single “Fatal Illusion” is out now.  Pre-order Dystopia

Dystopia Timeline June to October (newest first):

Update 2nd October: Confirmed track-listing for Dystopia is as follows:

  1. The Threat Is Real
  2. Dystopia
  3. Fatal Illusion
  4. Death From Within
  5. Bullet To The Brain
  6. Post American World
  7. Poisonous Shadows
  8. Conquer Or Die
  9. Lying In State
  10. The Emperor
  11. Foreign Policy

Update 1st October: Megadeth publicly revealed the title for Dystopia. Circulated artwork featuring Vic Rattlehead for the album’s cover.

Update 30th September: Dystopia System Boot 100% complete. Master Boot is underway. Hear the first teaser-taste of something truly dark right now at system.megadeth.com.

Update 29th September: System Boot progress at 75%! Head over to system.megadeth.com and standby to hear a teaser excerpt of the drums, bass & rhythm guitars on a new track from the forthcoming Megadeth album Dystopia. Or read on to catch up on all the facts and info…

Update 28th September:


The music is taking shape at system.megadeth.com where Dystopia is booting 4 sectors over 4 days, currently at day 2, each time introducing a new piece of a visual & sonic puzzle before a big reveal scheduled for Friday at 6pm.

Update 22nd September: The vibe on the new Megadeth album is (according to Dave Mustaine): ‘Peace Sells… crossed with Rust In Peace’.

The new song due in just 3 days, is a ‘riffy, peace sells… era kind of track’. If you’re a fan and have a pulse, it should be through the roof at this point! If you’re new to, or haven’t heard that much Megadeth: Standby for something amazing…

Update 19th September: The exceptional (mostly metal) artist & illustrator Brent White is confirmed as having done the cover art for Dystopia. Earlier today, Dave Mustaine tweeted the news to fans via his personal twitter account:

Update 18th September: Just 7 days to go til we hear the first instalment of new music from the new album, Dystopia. Update 11th September: According to a recent announcement by Dave Mustaine (see below), there’s just 14 days to go til we hear the first slice of new music from Dystopia in the form of the album’s first single.

Update 5th September: New single from Dystopia to debut on 25th September! Dave Mustaine announced earlier today that the first single from Dystopia would drop in 20 days time. No word on which one as yet, we’re just happy to know it’s happening! Scroll down for full Dystopia album track-listing beloooooow:

Update 29th August: Ted Jensen, legendary audio engineer at Sterling Sound who has just finished working on Disturbed‘s new Immortalized and Bullet For My Valentine‘s Venom, provided engineering duties on Dystopia. Dave Mustaine confirmed in an announcement yesterday:

Ted Jensen has over 40 years of experience in audio engineering, and made his name at Sterling Sound by mastering all-time classics including The Eagles’ Hotel California and Billy Joel’s The Stranger. Other classics mastered by Ted include Deftones’ Diamond Eyes, Green Day’s American Idiot, Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven, Eric Clapton’s Unplugged, The Police’s Ghost In the Machine & Alice In Chains’ The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.

Update [2] 24th August: VIC RATTLEHEAD is confirmed as making an appearance on the cover of Dystopia.

Update [1] 24th August: After a fairly quiet month on the news front but a busy one in the studio finalising things for Dystopia, August concluded with some useful nuggets of information: Conquer… Or Die! The current fan-favourite for the new album’s title, which is anyone’s guess at this point, was revealed as being a fully instrumental track with solos from Dave Mustaine and Kiko Loureiro. A statement from Dave Mustaine on the musical leanings of the new album came via Twitter:

Chris Adler went on to say that Dystopia is like So Far, So Good… So What! crossed with Endgame, so expect something thrashy and heavy. Asked about his inspiration for the lyrics on Dystopia, Dave Mustaine said:

When pressed to confirm the new album’s title and what the first single from Dystopia could be, Dave made it pretty obvious he’s not going to give people too much information before-hand:


Update 28th July The track-listing for Dystopia was confirmed by Dave Mustaine last night in a live-chat over at Megadeth Cyber Army, Megadeth’s community website (well worth joining by the way):

Dystopia Proposed Track-listing

Death From Within
Fatal Illusion
Conquer Or Die... Lying In State
Me Hate You
The Emperor's New Clothes
Bullet To The Brain
Last Dying Wish
Post American World
Look Who's Talking
The Threat Is Real
Poisonous Shadows
Melt The Ice Away
Foreign Policy

Further information was also posted in an article on Blabbermouth.net:

The song “Poisonous Shadows” features piano playing from Kiko as well as orchestration from famed Nashville arranger Ronn Huff, the father of former MEGADETH producer Dann Huff. Mustaine described the track to Rolling Stone as “a really haunting piece” and added that “the part that [Kiko] played is very Chopin-meets-MEGADETH, if that makes sense.”

Read the Blabbermouth article »

Update 26th July

Josh Wilbur

Josh Wilbur

Dystopia is at the mixing stage and is being engineered by Josh Wilbur, whose credits include Lamb Of God (including the latest offering: VII Sturm Und Drang), Butcher Babies, Tenacious D, Avenged Sevenfold, Puddle Of Mudd & Limp Bizkit.

Update July 20th An article appears in REVOLVER magazine, interviewing Dave Mustaine, where he talks up the ‘intimidating’ talent of the band’s new guitarist Kiko Loureiro and describes the current state of the songs on Dystopia:

According to Mustaine, the band has recorded 15 tracks, including “Tyrannicide,” “The New Emperor,” “Poisonous Shadows,” the two-part opus “Conquer… or Die,” and covers of Budgie’s “Melt the Ice Away” and Fear’s “Foreign Policy.” “I’m having a little bit of writer’s block with the lyrics,” he admits. “I’ve got lyrics to nine of the songs written, but the music’s so good that I’ll write something and go, ‘Well, that doesn’t live up to the music.’”

– source: Revolver Magazine Update July 6th Recording of the music for Dystopia wraps up in the studio. Dave Mustaine confirms via Twitter:

Update July 4th (American Independence Day): With half the free world on holiday for the weekend, we track back through the last few days: On 2nd July, Dave Mustaine announced in a tweet that he’d laid down the final full vocal track on Dystopia:

Finally sang last song of the new record. Just some final listening and I will be done with all singing on – Dave Mustaine

Then on 3rd July, we were welcomed with a request for input on the art direction that should be taken on Dystopia:

Should we do an illustration for the new cover of a picture/graphic? Thoughts? – Dave Mustaine

Our answer, along with many fans was pretty straightforward. More of this guy please: CTE-Hourglass

Update 29th July 2015: Catching up on events today (Monday) after a busy weekend for Dave Mustaine and Megadeth in the studio recording final guitar solos for Dystopia. Friday was brutal:

Once recovered it was back to the studio to survey what was left to do on the band’s forthcoming (15th) studio album Dystopia:

Some much deserved RNR followed. More news incoming soon…

Chris Rakestraw
Update 27th June 2015: Chris Rakestraw (@SnstLodgeRec) is confirmed as having worked with Megadeth as audio engineer on Dystopia. Chris is an audio engineer based in Nashville, with past clients including Motorhead, Danzig, Bad Religion and Bring Me The Horizon.

In a funny instagram post, Chris revealed the minimalist approach to the new material on Dystopia, showing the finalised album in all its glory 😀

Update 25th June 2015: Steve Wariner is confirmed as playing steel guitar on the Dystopia. Speaking to ‘The Tennessean‘ he is quoted as saying:

“Worlds collide… It’s funny. Imagine Megadeth with steel guitar. That’s what I did, and Dave Mustaine is the nicest guy in the world. Isn’t that crazy? It’s out of my world. You know me, I’m a traditional country guy. But the stuff I played on is awesome.”

The announcement has created quite a bit of interest across media outlets online, with many reporting the news and offering comment on what this *might* mean…

Update 6th June 2015: Dave Mustaine confirmed in an interview with Guitar World that the “music is really aggressive again”, solidifying the belief that many have clung to up to this point that Megadeth would go back to being Megadeth with Dystopia, after their most recent studio offering, Super Collider seemed to show them veering in an entirely different, more mainstream rock direction. In the same interview, Dave Mustaine reported that song titles slated for Dystopia include “The Emperor Has No Clothes,” “Tyranocide” and “Poisonous Shadows.” He went on to say “These songs are definitely very dark“.

Note from Dave Mustaine (25th June 2015): There are three or four song titles that we are now set on, but titles can sometimes change until they are on a CD. Dystopia

Dystopia is the hashtag Megadeth are using as a working title for their 15th studio album, due for release in 2015. The line-up for Dystopia is Dave Mustaine, Kiko Loureiro, David Ellefson and Chris Adler. In the run-up to release, Megadeth is partnering with pledgemusic.com to offer exclusive pre-order deals with bonus footage access from within the studio as the album is being recorded. Dave Mustaine wears hats quite a bit in the studio. Studio guy has a beard. Other studio guy is quite bald. Megadeth stated they have 15 tracks including 2 cover songs for the album. The covers are of ‘Melt The Ice Away‘ by Budgie and ‘Foreign Policy‘ by Fear. In early June 2015 Megadeth announced that tracks on the album are being sent out to mixers to see who is going to mix the album.

Dystopia Videos

Watch a few mins of Kiko jamming to an alleged Dystopia album track via this leaked video from YouTube.
This leaked guitar solo from YouTube shows footage of Kiko Loureiro playing part of a rumoured Dystopia track in the studio.
Is this a drum track from Dystopia? This 16-second clip via Megadeth.com seems to suggest so…

Dystopia Speculation

Speculation 19th September: MegadethizeD posted a claim on Twitter to have spotted the release date for Megadeth’s new album, saying it would be December 11th 2015:

Speculation September 10th: The first single from Dystopia according to Twitter will be Fatal Illusion and will ship on 9th October 2015: