Wake Up Dead

Wake Up Dead

Wake Up Dead is a song about a girl Dave Mustaine was going out with at a time he fell in love with someone else. He stayed with her at the time because he was homeless and had nowhere else to go, but ended up legging-it because he was convinced she was actually going to kill him.

Wake Up Dead is the opening track on Megadeth’s 2nd studio album, Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?

Wake Up Dead Lyrics

I sneak in my own house
It’s four in the morning
I had too much to drink
Said I was out with the boys
I creep in my bedroom
I slip into bed
I know if I wake her
I’ll wake up dead

Solo – Mustaine
Solo – Mustaine
Solo – Poland

Ooh, I wonder will she find out
About the other, other lover Diana?

Solo – Mustaine

Wake up dead, you die
Wake up dead and buried
Wake up dead, you die
Wake up dead

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