Youthanasia | 1994

Youthanasia is the 6th studio album from Megadeth, released on 1st November 1994 through Capitol Records.

– Reckoning Day.

The album peaked at #4 on the Billboard chart and achieved platinum status for selling 1,000,000+ copies in 1995.

Youthanasia Information

Youthanasia was an evolution of Megadeth’s sound and continued from previous offerings with a tighter, more melodic sound.

The album’s sound is the result of a more democratic approach to songwriting, with each member of the band having more creative input than on previous albums.

Youthanasia’s title is both a play on words and a commentary on the declining state of well-being of young people, specifically referring to issues like drugs, crime, violence, and a lack of parenting.

Three singles were released from the album: ‘Reckoning Day‘, ‘Train of Consequences‘ and ‘A Tout le Monde‘.